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Forensic Accountant CPA CFE CDFA® - Florida

At Susan J. Keeton, CPA, P.A., I focus on forensic accounting and fraud investigation. My unique skill set, diverse level of experience and ability to leverage technology allows me to efficiently and effectively analyze financial data and pinpoint everything from subtle irregularities to outright criminal activity. Whether its examining transactions where fraud is suspected, exposing cases of white collar crime, sorting through data for business disputes, or digging up hidden assets for divorce proceedings, my dedication and expertise will show in the results.

When we team up to prove a case, I’ll find the evidence, quantify the damages, and provide insights that put the pieces together. If your case goes to court, I’ll act as an expert witness and explain how the crime was committed in plain language that allows the judge and jury to connect the dots and draw the right conclusions. My methods are sound, ethical, highly effective and proven to withstand scrutiny.

Working with me means that you'll get the close personal attention you deserve throughout the entire process. I’ll handle your case from start to finish and am committed to regularly communicating my progress with you at every step along the way.

Call me at 941-364-5760 or request a consultation online now to discuss your case. I proudly serve the forensic and fraud investigation needs of attorneys, law enforcement, businesses, nonprofit organizations, and individuals dealing with business disputes or going through a divorce.

Forensic Accounting Services

My detailed analysis of financial data helps businesses deal with fraud, attorneys prove cases, and individuals going through divorce get the equitable distribution they deserve.

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Fraud Investigation Services

As a certified fraud examiner (CFE), I know how to spot the red flags that indicate fraud, track down the evidence to prove it, and communicate my findings as a credible expert witness.

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