Litigation Support and Expert Witness Testimony

litigation support services

Achieving a successful outcome in settlement negotiations or at trial depends on having the right team. When a case involves money, bringing on an experienced financial expert, particularly in complex financial crimes, will strengthen your argument with investigation, analysis, and a coherent presentation of facts. I'm a highly skilled forensic accountant that will use my communication skills, ability to simplify the facts, critical and strategic thinking and ability to identify the keys issues of your case to provide you with confidence. When we team up, I'll be with you every step of the way from the initial investigation to deposition assistance, pre-trial preparations, and if needed, reliable expert witness testimony.

As a CPA and forensic accountant, I'll use my auditing skills and investigative ability to develop the "paper trail" that will help guide your case towards the best possible outcome. Should the case go to court, I will also act as a convincing expert witness, telling the story of what occurred in a way that's easy to follow. I'll use sound reasoning to present my findings in a rational and objective manner that will clearly illustrate the facts to both judges and juries.

Call me at 941-364-5760 or request a consultation online now to discuss how I can use my expertise to illuminate the financial facts of of your case.

Trial preparation and expert witness testimony:

  • Expert consultant
  • Bolstering credibility of your case and client
  • Educating attorneys
  • Simplification of complex financial concepts and evidence
  • Discovery and deposition preparation and assistance
  • Trial preparation
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Analysis of the opposing expert’s opinions
  • Settlement negotiations assistance
  • Case evaluations for plaintiff and defense attorneys